Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quit playing games with your heart

how to evolve
Evolution of Man

Even in my heart I see
You're not being true to me
Deep within my soul I feel
Nothing's like it used to be

Those were the hey days of Backstreet Boys when they came out with their hit single 'Quit playing games with my heart' way back in 1995. However, the words still hold true today, if we tweak the perspective a little bit. We'll come that a little later in the post. 

All of us are already aware of the fact that life is a roller-coaster ride. I'm pretty sure all of us have been through some stage or point in life which left us in sorrow, grief and unhappiness. That's how life is because it's messed up in a lot of ways and that is precisely the reason why you would want to change life. How do you bring about such changes? Well, usually it involves changing one's behaviors, habits, styles, moods, profession, jobs, even careers. In fact, in order to effect major or even minor changes, sometimes in life you need to 'quit'. Yes, you heard that correct. Contrary to popular belief, sometimes the only way out towards a brighter future is by quitting. By quitting, I do not explicitly imply giving up on someone or something. To quit can have various connotations. Becoming a Quitter is becoming a buzzword among today's youth.

There comes a point when you realize that your true vocation lies somewhere else and the only way to get true satisfaction is to quit your current situation and start working towards your passion. Go back to the four lines of the song at the beginning of this post. Imagine that your conscience is asking these questions to you, what reply do you have to give? Are you being true to yourself? Is everything proceeding as per your wish, as per your dreams and aspirations? 

Writing a post on quitting and actually doing it are two very different things. Quitting comes with its own side effects and usually you need to have large reserves of patience to withstand the period after quitting. However, if the passion for that successful future or long awaited dream is so bright that it outshines the effects of quitting, then it's smooth sailing for the person. Such a situation is similar to what is depicted in Batman Begins, when little Bruce Wayne falls into a shaft and his father rescues him. This is what his Father tells him:

"Why do we fall down, Bruce? So, we can learn to pick ourselves up again."  

In the quest for your true passion, there will be many occasions when you will slip, stumble and fall but eventually you have to get up and keep going towards your goal. Quitting is all about letting go of a few adverse attributes, attitudes and aptitudes and embracing newer ones in their place. Quitting has more to do with the journey rather than the end result. 

The lousy 9-5 job, the education degree,
the addictions, the fetishes,
the laid-back attitude, the laziness,
the backstabbers, the enemies,
the sadness, the anxiety,
the failing business, the hard times,
the machines, the concrete jungle.
Quit them all.

Basically, one should lead a life of constant objective evaluation of one's self. Keep quitting old and obsolete habits, characteristics, behaviors and keep updating your goals and the means of achieving them. Hang on to the positive vibes in life and quit on those which induce a negative feeling in your conscience, although there will always be queer situations in life, when quitting is all that is left to do. 

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  1. wow....dat sure perked me up :D !!!

    1. Thank you Aprajita :)
      In what way did that happen?

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you very much Sonia :)
      Keep visiting :D

  3. That’s true with everybody and I am not exception... most of us will agree to you definitely. I liked the 2nd quote very much and its really very hard to come out of it even when you are not happy really with that situations and unnecessary keeps on dragging own small life. I am really glad reading such awakening write up. It will be really wonderful if I can follow it. Keep Sharing :)

    1. Yes, rightly said, Nirali :)
      Glad you could connect with the thoughts expressed here. Do try and follow it.
      Keep visiting :)

  4. Very well written.Thoughts are beautifully expressed.
    Being true to oneself is more important in order to stay happy.And quitting few things makes life easier.

    1. Thank you very much Bhoomika :)
      Yes, you got that correct.
      Keep visiting :D

  5. Very nicely worded ! I could relate to what you say Jay.. as currently I just quit my IT job after 10 + years of the grind , with no plans on what to do next.. I just quit one day as I had enough of living my life as a rat in a rat race....

    1. Welcome to this blog and thank you very much for your feedback Moonstone :)
      It is true that sometimes the rat race gets too much to bear. Then, the time comes for a moment of introspection, into ourselves. Look at things from a different perspective. I am sure you will find your true calling.

      My best wishes with you on this journey. Keep visiting. :)

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