Dion Boucicault once said that,

"Men talk of killing time while time quietly kills them."
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He did have a point when he said this but more than that he had enormous amount of foresight. 
Why do I say foresight, you may ask? 

That's simply because this single quote/thought holds true regardless of our race, nationality and is valid across various time periods. Time is an essential commodity in a human's life, however, the majority of us fail to efficiently utilize the time which we have on our hands.

In keeping with the chaotic and busy lives of all of my readers out there, I'm presenting a short story to you.
Ok, so how short is this story?
50 words to be precise and it is my first attempt at writing a fictional piece in exactly 50 words, nothing more, nothing less. That's my contribution to the byte-sized information gobbling internet user of today's time.

Here it goes, then. 

Anthony was completely lost. He was thwarted. His problem was straightforward. He couldn't figure out his exact location. Naturally, he was clueless regarding the direction or the distance to his destination. After struggling for a while, he realized what the actual problem was - he was carrying the wrong map!

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By Jay Singh
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