3 Ways To Stop Constraints From Becoming Obstacles


Referring to the subject of constraints, Ronald Reagan once said that,

"There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect."

Yes, constraints are a way of life and no matter how hard we try, they always keep cropping up in the most unlikeliest of ways. Look around you, there are so many people in your lives who are creating constraints for you every single day.

Your boss demands superior performance from you and for that you have to listen to loads of bantering and suffer the wrath of the boss's temperamental side. You're constrained from taking any action.
Your clients want top notch delivery and they are literally breathing down your neck; you're constrained.
Your spouse feels you do not pay any attention to them and they stop talking to you; you're constrained here again.
Your kids, your family and basically the entire environment and society in which you live in is a continuous source of constraints.

So, what do you do? How do you deal with it? In this post, we shall see 3 ways in which you can change your outlook towards these constraints and try to use them to your advantage instead of simply ruing their presence in your life.

  1. Constraints results in adjacency which results in innovation

    Let's suppose you live in a huge mansion with 20 bedrooms, hundreds of square feet of space and with only 3 members of the family living in that house. Just imagine, the number of times these members would be interacting with one another. Compare that to another scenario where the same family is inhabiting a household of just a few hundred square feet, let's say 500 square feet. The amount of interactions instantly shoot up, the members are literally bumping into one another throughout the day. There is a constant struggle for space and who gets to do what. Sometimes, it even leads to tension but it also leads to problem solving and finding the best possible solution to the problems.

    This is what has been and is still happening in the best business corporations the world over. They're embracing the open office space culture wherein all employees including the bosses sit in open bays rather than cabins. The employees are allowed more break times, leisure time for frivolous activies to improve the chances of interactions and thereby resulting in some form of innovation.

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  2. Constraints can help you in getting quick assessments

    While working with limited resources, the clients or the key stake holders would be keeping a close watch on you. This constant vigil actually results in increased efficiency in the output. When we keep restricting our timelines, our resources and our circle of influence, it results in getting more amount of work done and ultimately leads to a professional finish to the task. This aspect is expertly utilized by the manager of the biggest sporting clubs around the world. 

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  3. Constraints can aid in the creation process

    Although we hate a constrained life and would love to luxuriate in all things easy and attainable, constraints are actually the doorway to creating something which is magical, mind-boggling and utterly creative, all at the same time.

    The best example for this is the novel Gadsby which has been authored by Ernest Vincent Wright. The book is a story which has over 50,000 words but written without the letter 'e'. Imagine writing even 100 words without the letter 'e'. 

    We've all heard the famous adage,

    "Think out-of-the-box"

    But we must remember that it is only when we constrict ourselves to the box, that we're actually able to think of ways of getting outside the box. 

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How do you deal with the constraints and restrictions in your life? What other methods do you use to overcome these hurdles? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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By Jay Singh
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