R’Ohm’eo and ‘Joule’iet | The ‘Physic’al Love Story – My Entry To The Get Published Contest

The Idea

The story of R’Ohm’eo and ‘Joule’iet revolves around two characters. 
Om Singh is a Mechanical Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering and works at ABB in Vadodara while Juilee Joshi is a Commerce Graduate from MS University at Vadodara and is working in a private firm in the same city.

Om has been a brilliant student since his schooldays but his heart yearns for creative outlets and endeavors. He loves music, writing and dance and is a regular student of Shiamak Davar’s dance classes. However, his scientific mind and analytical aptitude helps him in solving problems from a different perspective. 

Joule (as Om affectionately calls Juilee, due to the Joules of energy she releases in him whenever they meet), on the other hand, is a sweet and bubbly girl who has not yet grown up. She values emotions and keeps the ones she loves, close to her heart. Their love story blooms during a bus ride on National Expressway 1 between Ahemdabad & Vadodara.

But there’s a problem here, in fact two problems. Om, who’s a Rajput, is three years younger than Joule, who’s a Brahmin. Double the trouble and in addition to that, Om gets fired from his job, Joule’s mother is the queen of stubbornness and time is running out for both of them.

Can Om manage to use his scientific acumen to pull himself out of this bottleneck?
What happens when an Unstoppable force meets an Immovable object?
These and more questions will be unraveled in this ‘Physic’al love story.

What makes this story real?

The story draws on important landmarks, highways, food joints, companies, educational institutions in Vadodara, Ahmedabad and other cities. More importantly, this is a story which actually started unfolding on National Expressway 1 in the year 2011 and is still in progress. The names are fictitious but the events and the landmarks inside the cities are very much real.


Om’s mind was racing, trying to think of some method of exchanging contact details with Juilee. He was sweating, partly because of the summer heat but mainly owing to the presence of Juilee sitting right next to him. His hands occasionally touched hers and he felt a pack of energy bursting in his veins. Juilee’s bus stop was just minutes away; Om had to come up with something, when suddenly she got up to move to the aisle.
“This is it!” Om thought and in a flash, he took out his visiting card and handed it to her.
“Hey, if you need any help with commercial equipments or anything else, give me a call.”
Juilee took it with a smile and said, “Thanks for the card.” Then, she got off the bus hurriedly.
Om reached his office but his eyes were fixed on his mobile screen for some sign of a call or a message.

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