How To Memorize Your Memories

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Have you been pondering over this question for quite some time? Do you have a habit of forgetting important events of your life? The first birthday, the marriage ceremony, the first child, the first job party or the first salary. There are many occasions in one's life, however, we have practically no way of storing that memory (data) in some retrievable form. Agreed, that one can use a camera to click pictures or even to shoot videos but, frankly speaking, how many of us are able to capture the actual events or the emotions or feelings of people present in that event. Apart from the usual posing for pictures, nobody captures life on a minute's scale. In order to really capture the sentiments of an event, one should be able to construct the entire event, frame by frame, at a future date or time.

Martin Kallstrom, a Swedish serial entrepreneur, and his team are about to give finishing touches to a solution to this very problem. They've constructed Memoto, a camera which has no buttons and  which you can pin up on your shirt, tee shirt or suit. Memoto, once worn, takes 2 Geo-tagged pictures every minute and saved on the hard disk along with the date and time. 

Read my article from The Verge about Memoto and the ability to store one's memories. 

On a parting note, reflect on the following question and share your thoughts in the comments:

What are your thoughts about memories and their storage? Would you like to have a tool for this purpose? What would you do, once you're able to store your memories?

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