A Change For Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline is undergoing a change for all the users around the globe. The change has already started for users based in New Zealand and will be rolling out to other users with the passage of time. The previous transition of the landing page to the timeline feature drew a mixed response from the users. It had a lot of security issues and the users were finding it difficult coping with the new feature and the revision. There a few reasons to hate it as well, as listed below:

Facebook timeline in its new avatar in 2013 will feature a new facility to rearrange the boxes in the right hand column, which includes Likes, photos etc. The user can now select the order in which the boxes should appear from a tab known as 'the collections manager'. This should give the user profile page, a more refined look and feel.

This is how the new timeline will look after the change:

facebook-timeline-change, facebook-timeline-change-in-2013

Facebook, in a bid to overcome the innovation S-curve, always keeps updating its functionality and features. The social networking has already crossed the 1 billion mark for users and subscribers and has become a ubiquitous term used in everyday conversations and case studies across business schools. Every start-up in Silicon Valley is desperately trying to emulate and recreate the magic of social networking which Mark Zuckerburg achieved. 

The Facebook timeline comes as a New Year gift of 2013 for the users of this network, however, only time can tell whether this update is really worth it and whether it can propel Facebook to even greater heights.

Share your thoughts and views about the Timeline or anything related to Facebook in the comments below.

Jay Singh
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