10 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself To Enjoy Life

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William Lyon Phelps once said that,

"There is a strange reluctance on the part of most people to admit they enjoy life." 

We all know that this quote applies to many people out there but are you nodding in affirmation to the above quote?
Are you one of those people who have just been living on a day-to-day basis with no clearly defined goals or path? 
What's stopping you from enjoying your life to the fullest and being content with whatever you've got or achieved till now?

In this post, we shall see 10 things which might have been hindering or stopping you from extracting the maximum amount of joy from your lives. See for yourself and check whether any of the points from the list applies to you. Most importantly, check whether you have stopped the activity which stops you from enjoying life.


     Stop going into inertia

     Inertia is the tendency of an object to resist any change in its motion or state of rest. Once an individual goes into a state of inertia, he/she might be caught in a loop of activity wherein it becomes difficult to escape the routine. Inertia can cause a lot of dissatisfaction in an individual. Most of the times, especially in this modern age, it becomes highly imperative to keep doing engaging in newer activities to increase the likelihood of innovation. Read about how to break the routine.

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     Stop being afraid of committing mistakes

     We all know the old adage "To err is human". However, how many of us really follow this principle? Rarely few. In fact, we've been taught since childhood that committing mistakes a bad thing and this belief has been brain washed into our minds. Truth is, mistakes are what have led people to achieve greatest heights, to invent, to make new discoveries and to register their names in the History books. 

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     Stop complaining

     In Life, things do not always go the way we wanted them to. People will disappoint most of the times and there will be hurdles a lot of the times. Stop complaining and become a stronger person with each incoming hurdle and setback. Complaints are excuses for your own shortcomings and you’ll notice the difference in your morale once you stop complaining.

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     Stop chasing perfection

     A perfect or an ideal case does not exist in practical life, so stop chasing it. In the pursuit of perfection, you would end up not taking any action at all. One must remember that there is no substitute for pure execution of a work, don’t spend too much time fretting over details and getting everything perfect.

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     Stop blaming

     Humans have a tendency of taking credit for all the adulation and praise whereas whenever there is a fault, we are quick to blame other people. We have no right to blame others, more so, if we have not gathered all the facts and the details. Usually, it is our own folly which leads to a failure/setback/mistake. So, think before blaming others.

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     Stop worrying

     The most important feature of the habit of worrying is that it has no impact on your tomorrow/future. But it ruins your today and snatches your happiness away from you. Don’t let that happen to you. Stop worrying about matters which have no concern or have no impact on you down the line. Useless worrying about every other matter gets you no where and degrades your health.

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     Stop expecting

     Do you know the root cause of all our feelings, emotions and our sadness/sorrow? It is expectations. It is only when we expect a certain behavior or a certain outcome/result, do we start experiencing emotional setbacks. We tend to get sad, happy, angry, oblivious, anxious, or scared, all due to expectations. If one stops expecting, everything comes as a gift to you and as a surprise.

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     Stop becoming idle

     Don’t sit around thinking about the consequences and your shortcomings. Act now. Be in the moment. Start doing.

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     Stop trying to become someone else

     All of us are unique, just like everyone else. Yes, that’s right; there’ll never be another you. So, stop imitating people and trying to become a person whom you’re not, that’s highly unjust for such a valuable individual such as you. Learn to recognize your own strengths and act upon it.

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     Stop seeing death with fearful eyes

     Death is inevitable. No one has ever escaped it. However, most people don’t realize this. They waste the precious time which they have on mindless pursuit of materialistic gains. Remember to use death as a powerful motivator to achieve your goals. Don’t believe me? Watch Steve Jobs speak about life, death and his experiences. 

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Which of the points applies to you the most?
Are there any other aspects, which you feel are not part of the list? Share them with us in the comments.

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