What To Do To Learn Cultivation Of Your Mind

farmer cultivating the crop field
Cultivation Of Crops

I just need this stage to be seen,
We all need a pantomime to remind us what is real,
Hold my eye and know what it means,
Coz' I'm out of my mind.

James Blunt had this to say in his song. 'Out of my mind'. Although, don't get carried away by the image along with the title of this post. I'm not talking about farming or crop cultivation over here, though we can learn a lot from farming but more on that later. 

How many times times in a day or a week do you feel as if your mind is getting sluggish, your thoughts retracting and depression setting in? How many times do you feel the lack of creativity, imagination and vibrancy in your work? 

In our daily lives, we fail to realize the importance of our mind. We are unable to see that our minds are actually like a garden, a crop field and like a small infant. The mind needs constant nurturing and ample care for it to keep growing and function properly. As a farmer gives special care and attention to the crops which he grows in the fields, similarly, we must facilitate the cleansing and proper growth of our minds. Why should we take care of only our external appearances with  the use of expensive clothes, makeup, exercising and grooming, whatever happened to your inner self, your mind? Shouldn't you be taking care of that as well? Constant and continuous negligence of the mind will lead to anxiety and constant depression which fails to go away with the passage of time. It would be correct to say that your body would turn into a Zombie.

Here are three ways to aid you in the cultivation of your mind:

What are your thoughts about the cultivation of one's mind? Apart from these points, what other ways can you suggest for achieving this? Your comments are welcome.

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