The Bridge Between You And I

The Golden Gate Bridge in the state of California, USA connects the city of San Francisco to Marin County while beneath it, the San Francisco Bay opens up to the Pacific Ocean. It is considered to be one of the wonders of the modern world and has been featured in numerous Hollywood films. 

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

A bridge is supposed to connect two land masses over a water body or rough terrain, that's the basic reason why a bridge is built. Sure, bridges are built to cover a difficult landscape or terrain which cannot be covered by other means, so, the only option is to bypass that stretch of terrain. That's a bit of geography for you. 

the rock
Alcatraz Island (The Rock)

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San Francisco city

Similarly, have you thought about your fellow humans. Pause for a moment and think for a while, about the people closest to you in your life. Your family, parents, closest friends or your teacher. Some maybe near to you, in terms of distance, while some may be far-off. What have you done to bridge the sea between you and the other person? The sea of differences and neglect escalate over a period of time, till a point when you don't feel the absence of that person. Bear in mind that such a situation should never arise at all. With the advent of technology, it has become far more easier to keep in touch with your near and dear ones. 

Realize the importance your near and dear ones and make that connection once again. Read here to learn the value of people who are significant in one's life.

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